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Kat ([personal profile] kats_got_a_gun) wrote2008-11-02 09:19 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] justprompts How far ...

... would you go to get what you wanted?

That's a really stupid fuckin' question but since I ain't got anythin' better to do, I'll go ahead and answer it. It's like this, I'd go as far as I had to. I mean, it's all about lookin' out for number one, right? So what if gettin' somethin' I want means fuckin' over somebody else to get it. Or if gettin' what I want means connin' somebody into killin' somebody else. Not that I would ever do, or did, that or nothin' but I'm just sayin'. If I want somethin' bad enough there isn't any "how far" involved, it's all about what I gotta do to get it.